Revitalizando Nuestras Comunidades

Protegiendo nuestro futuro

"La unidad no puede suceder hasta que pongamos nuestras manos en el suelo y nos alimentemos unos a otros".

-Fix Račhakwáhsthaʔ Cain, cofundador


The Alliance of Native Seedkeepers seeks out a future where indigenous peoples may live with the security of food, health, culture, environment, unity, and justice.


We redevelop the spiritual bonds our people have with the seeds which in return teaches us how to become more environmentally, culturally, economically, and health conscious. 

Alliance of Native Seedkeepers, leads the way towards revolution with rare, heirloom seeds.

Although a vast majority of our customers may only know of us as a rare and heirloom seed company, the reality is we are actually planting the seeds of revolution! After years of tireless work for our indigenous rights, environmental protections, food and health security and more, we decided to develop a Benefit corporation in the form of a  garden seed store. Our goal is that this seed store will help fund the work of our people, tribal nations and our fellow Native Seedkeepers. It’s very hard work and we’re still building the foundation, however with every purchase that you make, you bring us closer to achieving our goals.
Garden Seeds to Goals

The Alliance of Native Seedkeepers maintains two main seed sanctuaries. Although both sanctuaries carry rare heirloom seeds, the two serve drastically different purposes. The publicly available sanctuary can be found within our garden seed store here on our website! Its purpose is to help finance the research, education, resources and other expenses accrued from maintaining the other seed sanctuary. The other serves as a collection of rare ancestral seeds which often date back hundreds to thousands of years! Many of these seeds were taken from tribal communities or were otherwise pushed towards the brink of extinction. Our store allows us the space and time to grow out a wide number of these seeds with the goals of repatriation. 


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